Saturday, January 19, 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper - A Review

With the hype I've been hearing about this product, I had to give it a shot. But to be honest, I wasn't too excited, hence all of the other 'mild pigmented lipsticks/balms'..i.e. Loreal's Balm, Revlon Lip Butter, Revlon Lip Stains, etc., etc.
First things 1st, the Whisper whispers 'unsanitary'. The product is sold in stores and on the stands in an unsealed package. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can walk past, glance, open and swatch the product with no hesitation or deterrents. This is disappointing. I found my Whisper in the back of the back, it seemed untouched at 1st look and close examination. However, due to my leeriness, I wiped off the top layer and sanitized.
For whatever odd reason, the swatches do not appear on my arms/wrist. This was slightly discouraging. I'm sure we all have had a product that appears one color and applies transparent. After all, there was some actual color payoff! The nude really compliments my skin tone, as other really bright nudes make my lips look ashy and undesirable, lol. These Color Whispers are very moisturizing and glide on sooo smooth!
As you can see, I always reach for the same 2 colors when going for nudes, a really nudey type of nude (kind of like a fair woman's concealer stick looking nude with a hint of peach) and a soft brown type of nude. <~~ The queen of descriptions With these Revlon Lip Butters, they apply streaky. So, there's no effortless way to apply these colors, and for Heaven's sake, don't even mention without a mirror. Also, they're of a bit of a thick consistency, and not half as moisturizing. I wish I could explain to you my lip type in order to convey this last trait..butttt, I won't waste 73 words on that. Anyhow, the product settles into fine lines and quite frankly, dries out the lips in about an hour or so instead of moisturizing! This is disappointing to the 5th power!! Let's give that exponent an exponent of infinity when I say the look of the Lip Butters after it settle is worse!!
I say all of this to say that the Color Whisper does none of this, and I am beyond pleased. A few key points to slap you upside the head with: Is moisturizing, great, subtle yet visible color, is buildable, and affordable. My only cons include the initial packaging and it's not crazy long lasting. I'd give it a max of 3 hours. Nonetheless, when the 3 hours is done with it does not settle into lines, look crusty or any of the above; it simply fades or goes away.
3.5 out of 5 stars. Would repurchase.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

CoverGirl BlastFlipSticks!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me; I did not purchase it with my own money.

This product absolutely AMAZED me! I was skeptical at first, but I must admit, I am far impressed. I'll have to be honest and say that quite a few of these colors, CoverGirl has already released in the single tubes, As I have at least 3 duplicate colors from before FlipSticks were even thought of. But the ease and convenience of one tube and 2 products is quite charming. The colors that are meant to be applied to the innermost part of the lips are the most pigmented and I appreciate that the MOST! ..because.., let's honest ladies, we know that's where our lipstick will begin to fade FIRST! If not because we blab our mouths a lot, because that's just physics..(and we'll leave it at that, lol). Anyone who knows me in real life, knows I do ombre lips dang-near for a living, so when I heard of this, I was relived, yet skeptical. I typically use anywhere from 3 to 5 colors when I do my ombres to ensure there's a smooth, effortless transition. Hence, creating my skepticism. However, I was pleasantly shocked when these two colors came together. They blended as if I used 3 colors! No harsh lines. And let me not forget to mention it doesn't take much expertise AT ALL! The colors that come together on the tubes come together quite tastefully. I also really appreciated that. I dislike how the product cannot turn, spin or twist all the way down. You've got to keep that in mind every time you open the product. I feel like I'm delivering a child every time I open my tube, LOL! The amount is quite satisfying, both colors on each stick totals to be a tad bit more than one average tube of lipstick. If you're wondering about the pigmentation, I think I've answered your question. If not, THE COLOR PAYOFF IS AMAZING!!! My initial thought of this product before I received it was, "Will these predetermined colors blend to my liking?" To answer my own question, they were all tasteful, as I previously stated. One thing you have to make sure of before trying this product is that you MUST slightly moisturize your lips before applying it. Applying this to dry lips will greatly reduce your staying power as well as assisting in making your lips SUPER crusty looking..(as they probably were, lol, jk!) I Learned this the hard way one dreary morning I decided to be lazy. Don't go on a Vaseline or lip gloss spree before applying the product though, lol. You really only need a tad to lightly coat is. Your moisturizing layer should not be a layer you can see or even feel. It's solely for necessary nourishment. If you over apply this initial layer, you will take away from the pigmentation and staying power of your lip color/product(s). If you're an ombre lip typa girl, you have now found a way to condense your purse!!! CoverGirl, you have my heart!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Video is on the Perfect Beauty Homepage!

I was just super excited when Daisy told me she'd be using MY video to put on the site! Just wanted to share that with you all, lol. Just a mini-PSA, lls. Here's the link to the site so that you can sign up! =)

My hair CHOP!

Here's a few pics and a few different angles of my new hair cut. Not really too happy about the fact that I kinda had to cut it, but it sure is healthier than ever now. I just look at it as a fresh start! :) Do new hair cuts or new styles devastate you?? Or do you look forward to the change?! I'm trying to see the good side of mt situation, but I clearly miss my length.. :/

Monday, September 10, 2012


So, I really didn't intend for my eyeshadow this intense for my 1st day on the new job..but it still turned out amazing! Here's a few different angles of it. In some angles it looks very others, it looks very dramatic. What do you think?!

I'm a newbie to false lashes, bear with me :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Almay Intense i-Color Shadow Stick (for Brown Eyes) REVIEW

Now this product is obviously a knock-off of the Revlon Smokey Shadow stick, but being on a budget forced me to give it a shot. The 1st thing that stuck out to me (or should I say didn't stick out) was how dull and boring the packaging is. Just a white plain tube. The name of the product isn't even listed on the packaging! The second thing that stood out to me, when I got home, was the fact that the champagne color after being twisted all the way up fell right off!
I can't necessarily blame this on the quality of the product, but rather the quality of the tube and packaging itself. I've read several other reviews on this as well as other dupes (Revlon & Covergirl's) version of the product doing the same thing. I personally think they're all packaged or manufactured at the same place because the packaging dimensions, caps, product points, colors and all are identical.

The color glides on super smooth, in fact, initially, I thought it was a bit too smooth. The pigmentation is wonderful. However, it's best to set or layer a shadow on top. Commonly used as a base, I find it works best as this. really allows the color(s) to work to its fullest potential.

I did notice that the colors are very glittery applied alone. However, with shadow on top, even ones with glitter in them, it is not overwhelming.

These colors hold up great and have wonderful pigmentation. MACs Paint Pot in Bare Study [pictured below] looks similar to the colors included in the Almay shadow stick. However, as you can see, the Paint Pot applies very uneven and is not concentrated in all areas. The Almay shadow stick, as you can see, is.

I also can appreciate the convenience of it being in 'pencil' form, I guess I could say. The pots just take up a bit more time with not as great pigmentation or results.

It's advertised to be 'crease proof'..but what isn't?!?! Everyone advertises their cream products to 'not crease'. But, I must say, this one holds up to the test!! And I myself have oily lids, so this really does work! Please note: I did set this with shadows on top! I'm not sure how this product holds up solitaire on the lids.

All in all, I rate this product 4 stars out of 5. Packaging can be a bit better, enticing, and the product (itself or the packaging) could hold up a bit better to avoid the product itself falling out of the packaging as soon as you open it!


Friday, September 7, 2012


This is my FOTD! If you're interested in knowing what I used, request a tutorial! :)