Thursday, April 21, 2011

Make Me Diurnal..

My Mindset's Point of View..

That day..April 15th, 2011 to be precise, The Sun couldn't've shined any brighter.. Into my life came the brightest, sweetest, most gentle, genuine ball of happiness all wrapped into one living being.. What did I do to deserve such greatness? This, was the best day of my life.. or it could be April 9th, 2011, when I decided to contact The Sun for the first time via text? *shrugs* Either way, I see a new chapter in my life beginning. I know life is no fairy tale, but I'll try my darndest to keep The Sun up.. Make me diurnal.. These are my first couple of days w/ The Sun..and from what I've seen and encountered, make me diurnal.. I've encountered my first eclipse w/ The Sun, and oh how bright it was. I glow in the light of The Sun as it shines down on me. I boasted for joy as it shone it's gleaming lights inside of me, through me, as The Sun boasted w/ me.. While encountering an eclipse may be joyous, it's an emotional connection that I share w/ The Sun, despite whether it may be mutual or not. But it isn't the fact that I'm simply in an eclipse that makes it joyous, emotional and worthwhile, it's the fact that I'm in this eclipse with none other than The Sun.. And from now on, I'd have it no other way.. This is precisely how I feel, and whether these feelings be mutual or not, they will be here, and they will not diminish.. Instead, I'm more than positive they will flourish.. I told The Sun yesterday, this is not any type of temporary feeling. Why would I want any type of temporary feeling? In any and EVERYthing that I do, I seek stability.. Though it's early and The Sun just came up, I'm confident in my feelings and what they're telling me. I'm content w/ the fact that I feel this way. I'm not too sure how to express all of these feelings to The seems like it may be a bit much to be so early, and I certainly don't want to run The Sun away.. But this is how I feel.. So what do I do? Do I conceal how I feel..? ..Or risk having The Sun go down? Smh, idk. I'm stuck, I'm lost, I'm confused..but with whatever happens, please, just Make Me Diurnal.. ≈≠

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