Monday, March 28, 2011

An Image of the Over-Thinking Mind..

The mind that thinks too much is precisely that - and nothing less..
The mind that thinks too much, that over analyzes, that won't let a thought go suffers..
This mind works off of time and time thought is too small, no thought is too huge..overbearing? ..maybe
To think what this life would be like if only it could think, function, and do things as other, simpler minds did..
To think how peaceful, and less stressful life would be if the the mind that thought too much knew how to not think..
Such a thought seems so simple to the ordinary, regular mind..
..but this is a verb that cannot even be put into action by such a powerful, over-thinking machine..
How easy would life be if it could simply let one thought go..let alone millions and millions and millions..
Think you can imagine what the mind over an over-thinker looks like? ..Here's some imagery for you:
In the park, ..take a walk over here..closer, closer, over here, at the edge..look down..
..down'll see the mind of the over-thinker..
..This dense river..populated with over a trillion fish swimming as fast as the speed of light..
..these fish..are thoughts..
Imagine the confusion, or the disarray that takes place inside of that mind on such a consistent basis?
..this is something you'll never be able to understand..unless this is you..
Build castles in the air about how difficult it might be to grab one of these thoughts, look at it in the eye, and explain it to whose asking the question that irritates all over-thinking minds.. "What's running through your mind?"
It'd be like stabbing a fish in a river full of goal oriented fish simply trying to get to the 'end' of the river, looking it in the eyes, and taking a bite out of it..right then and there.

So, please, bare with this mind, keep it, hold it, cuddle with it, embrace it..that's all it wants, and that'll make it feel a lot better..understand that this is not your 'typical' mind..
This mind can't always explain what you want it to when you want it to..but when it can, it will.
How else would I be able to explain it all?
Sometimes it seems more like a handicap than anything..but I deal with it..
And I'm embracing it all.. ≈≠

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