Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Lately, I’m not sure what this substance is that’s been running through my body..
Typically, I’m the type of person to make logical decisions and follow my mind, I am strong minded..
But lately, ..lately, my mind has freely let another component of my body make the decisions; with ease..
Why? What is it? What is this?
..This is us..
This is not love running through my body, in my veins..
This intangible substance running through me, at all times has an aura of warmth, togetherness, a combination of you, me, ..and eternity..
A mind is a powerful thing to waste, and by all means, my mind knows that..
If at any point in time my mind feels threatened that someone or something is taking over, it’ll eliminate it..with the quickness.
But this, this right here, this thing that seemingly can’t be controlled, my mind loves it..
It’s like my mind has made a partner with whom she can be with in harmony; not competition.
The definition of what this is precisely running through me, is actually a process.
It is the process of being in love..
This verb that freely flows within me is far from love.
To love someone is to have a profound, tender affection towards someone..
But to be in love with someone, like I am, like we are, is more like being surrounded, submerged, within all of the feelings we have for eachother. Eachother as one word, not two.
So, lately I’ve been loving this process..
I caught myself blatantly staring at you and my stomach got painful butterflies..
My stomach turned up in knots at the thought that I had such a plethora of feelings for someone so quickly and that I let myself do so..
..But it feels so good to defy my instincts & let my soul sink to float in bliss..
And so my heart drops every times I see you, think I see you, think I see your shadow..

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