Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ask Older Generations To Describe Our Generation In One Word

Ask older generations to describe our generation in one word; what do you think they’ll say? We’ll be everything in the book but the Child of God. Why is that? Their biggest thing is that we don’t follow the rules or paths that previous generations or tradition has set out for us. Why is that?
Our generation tries so hard, too hard even, to be different. It is what we dare.  We are far more daring than any other generation there has ever been. We will die our hair red or green. We will get tattoos on our wrists, hands, fingers, etc. We will wear bright colors and wacky designed fingernails. We don’t want to be like previous generations, we want to be different. We’d rather create a legacy of diversity in opposition to one of the ‘norm’ or something traditional. All the while, older generations do not agree with these things because it is not something they would do or they’ve been taught. But because it hasn’t been done before, does that mean that it’s wrong? Should it be frowned upon? Should we be stereotyped in all the wrong ways? Our generation is by far one of the strongest.
Our generation is one of the most misunderstood generations to ever exist. Older generations interpret our actions and thoughts as ones of rebellion. We urge you all to think again! As a whole, we’d much rather be classified as what we really are and what we set ourselves out to be. While you all would rather we have natural hair colors, have no piercings, wear mellow colors, wear matching socks, we choose not to. Not in an effort to be rebellious, but rather to not walk in your footsteps and create some of our own. So the next time you think that we’re being plain ol’ hard headed or not listening, think again..we are listening, we’re listening to ourselves; we’re being individuals. ≈≠

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