Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ATMs: Just as Dirty as Public Restroom Toilets?

          Studies in England show that ATMs contain just as much and the same bacterias as public restroom toilets. As disgusting as this 'new found information' may sound, I'm not shocked one bit. Instead, it's more of a 'fun' or 'interesting' fact to me..
          One thing I feel as though some of us lack is the ability to understand that bacteria is everywhere, despite what we we're taught from adolescence. From adolescence, we're taught that germs are everywhere and that they're on every object that we touch. As a result, we are taught to wash our hands frequently. But do we do that? 
          Do we feel content using a public computer and wiping our face immediately afterward? Think of how many people pick their boogers in WalMart, take a few bucks out of their wallets, pay the clerk and you end up receiving that money back as change. Bacteria is here an it isn't going anywhere. Think about the cart you're pushing in WalMart, ever think that the lady who pushed it prior to you didn't have a tissue and she wiped her nose with her hand and proceeded to push her cart? Studies show that out of 67 randomly selected $1 bills, 87% of them contained bacteria that could cause infection. This shouldn't be new news to us, we've all been informed of the hazards of virtually object we touch. We as people need to take the knowledge that we have and put it to use.
Let's not be strangers to hand sanitizer, moist towelettes, and frequent hand washing. ≈≠
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