Monday, January 10, 2011

The Crash of Job Boards

          Monster? Career Builder? Snag-A-Job? Craigslist? Sound familiar? If you've ever been out of a job or in search of a new one, you've probably been to one or more of these sites. Problem is, do you ever get the proper recognition that you deserve? How often do you really hear back from these engines with a legit and worthwhile career opportunity? Job boards have crashed due to accessibility, numerous unqualified applicants, and the impossibility to thoroughly review such a high volume of applicants.
          Supposedly, job boards are supposed to be a helpful incentive to get qualified persons employment a job that follows suit with their experience. Disappointingly, with employment inquiries and even first interviews online, the 'get up an go' has seemingly 'got up and went'. The laziness from employers posting online has trickled down to it's applicants. Another flaw of today's age and generation is pure laziness. The definition of 'job hunting' is quite rapidly transformed to waking up, getting on the web, a few clicks of the mouse and wallah, it's supposedly done. What ever happened to the days when people got up early, dressed up, and went to the places where they desired to work in order to obtain a position? Apparently, those days are ancient. What ever happened to business hours? Job hunting from nine to five? Or handling business matters between those hours? Currently, companies will call you after business hours or even late at night for a job inquiry. Yet again, another example of how unprofessional-ism trickles down from employers to inquirers.
          Unqualified applicants are another reason why job boards are ineffective. As if posting online isn't bad enough as it is, given the high volume of applicants from everywhere, unqualified, hopeful or wishful applicants don't help add to this jumbo, virtual pile of applications and serious job seekers. This adds to the hopelessness of job boards and is yet another reason not to use them.
          Let's not forget that job boards are online on the world wide web! With such a huge audience, is it really possible for employers to seep through and weed out all genuine, valuable inquirers? If employers don't have enough time or energy to recruit in a more creative way, what makes you think that they have enough time to go through hundreds of applications? We all know that the number of people who apply to businesses would be significantly lower without online ads.
          In a  nutshell, job boards have crashed due to one simple thing: convenience. The web has made it far too easy for people to apply to jobs. Thus, making it impossible for anyone genuine to really get through. The chance of landing a job using job boards are just that: chance or probability. ≈≠

Here are a few tips on how to stand out to potential employers (besides the obvious):
  •  Have a fool proof resume
  • Have a professional edge when making physical or verbal contact
    • Always have one good professional outfit clean and ready to go for interviews or inquiries in person.
    • When calling places, always use manners and have an enthusiastic demeanor.
    • Ensure that you are properly groomed, hair is neatly cut or restrained and all piercings are removed (two earrings in each ear maximum, no larger than a dime).
  • Prepare for interviews questions
    • Look online for commonly asked interview questions and prepare your answers well before your interview date.

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