Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Mother Is On Facebook!

          The truth is, my mother is NOT on Facebook, thank goodness. But there are numerous other young adults our age whose parents have jumped aboard the Facebook bandwagon. Question is: Why? All the while, you may ask them "Why are you on Facebook?" We all know why: to be nosey; to fit in; to 'stalk' their child; to catch their child in a lie; to see how their child speaks or acts when they aren't around; to see their child's significant other (are they up to par?); to see how they are spending their time; to create a commonality to bring them closer; to monitor their child's events; to beat them in Facebook games; in a nutshell: to be a nuisance and to waist time!
           So, when you ask your parent(s) why they're on Facebook, what do they say? To connect with my past friends; I ain't too old for a Facebook; I got a life too! It's a social network, I'm being social; and Don't worry about it! Despite what they say, we know it's all an excuse.
          You all know your parents best. You know whether they're genuine or not with their 'excuses'. But the fact is, Facebook should not be their thing. I'm not talking any laws up, and I know Facebook was created for everybody, but it was our thing first. Parents on Facebook make us uncomfortable and we aren't able to be our true selves with them there. Even our friends' parents on Facebook can be an issue. The comment on our posts. They write on our walls. They judge us based on what we post. It's annoying and embarrassing. It's equivalent to walking your child all the way into their first period class and giving them a kiss on the cheek.. in high school!
          Parents, Facebook is our thing, let us have it. We wouldn't take old school from you. Facebook is a younger generation's toy, and just like a child, (as we are yours), WE WANT IT BACK & WE WANT IT ALL TO OURSELVES! So please, parents, go find something more age appropriate for you, your age, and your friends..we'd highly appreciate it. (..Or we'll block you :)!!)  ≈≠

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